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If you are interested in joining the Washington Area Parrot Head Club, or are just interested in some of the events, just show up at one of our regularly scheduled meetings/social hours. You can also contact us at one of the addresses below.

We also have an online application form that you can print out and mail in (mailing address below). Or, you can download the application form in Microsoft Word format.

Click here for directions to many of our meeting places.

WAPHC Mailing Address

PO Box 1075
Springfield VA 22151-0075

General Contact Information


Technical Questions/problems about website


Events Committee

Ideas/help with current and new events


Communications Committee

Ideas/help with newsletter, and other communications tools such as website


Membership Committee

Information for prospective or current members about membership.





Annual dues payments can be made via the WAPHC PayPal account at http://www.waphc.com/paypal.html by clicking the link below.
This includes the dues surchage $1.00 when paying dues via PayPal (e.g., $21.00).

General payments. Dues and ticket payments can be made via the WAPHC PayPal account at http://www.waphc.com/paypal.html.
Please add a surcharge of $1.00 when paying dues via PayPal (e.g., $21.00).


The WAPHC Board Contact Information

You may email the entire WAPHC Board at

Director of Membership - Lu Cousins
Email: dom@waphc.com

President - Kathleen Maloney
Email: president@waphc.com

Treasurer Peter Chewning
Email: treasurer@waphc.com

Vice President - Lisa Craun
Email: vp@waphc.com

Secretary Jen Pratt
Email: secretary@waphc.com

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